Entek / Rockwell兼容的数据收集器电缆

Entek罗克韦尔兼容的数据收集器电缆可与Datapac 1200A和B,Enpak1500和2500一起使用。一侧具有7针Limo插头,另一侧具有选定的加速度计连接器。 此外,这些坚固的组件具有不同的长度,带有直的或盘绕的电缆,并具有可选的安全断开功能。
Entek Rockwell Compatible Data Collector Cables work with Datapac 1200A and B, Enpak1500 and 2500. It features the 7 Pin Limo Plug on one side and the selected accelerometer connector on the other. Further, these sturdy assemblies come in different length, with straight or coiled cable, and with an optional safety disconnect feature.